If you wish to set up a live appointment via online webcam, refer to this page after reading this page. 

An in person or by email session is a session that you do not need to attend either in person or online via webcam. We perform the session within 72 hours from the time your $50 payment is received. These distance/email sessions are voice recorded for you to listen at your convenience. 

If you have already scheduled an appointment with Rose at your home or in our office, you will make your payment on this page, below.

All sessions last 50 minutes as we like to take our time.

Note that other Emotion/Body Code practitioners price their sessions up to $137 for their 20-30 minute sessions !  Here at Dare to Heal, we do the exact same work, even removing up to 12 trapped emotions per session if your body will allow it and if we only work on releasing emotions for $50 a session ! 

Why are we so cheap ?  Well, don't you deserve it ? 

Jeff and I were poor when we discovered this healing technique, we couldn't afford to see a regular doctor for our health issues because we had no health insurance. Our own practitioner was so understanding of our situation that she dropped her rate to $50 for us. How grateful we are for her generosity and the difference she made in our lives !  We think of some of you that may be in the same situation and we kindly want to contribute to your well-being. That's it.

Each patient that will take sessions in your household, is required to have a filled out form that you will find at the bottom of this website. 

For every 10 paid sessions performed, we offer the 10th for FREE !! ...No matter what type of 10th session you want to have performed (see the list below). These 10 sessions include all family members or pet/plant/house sessions combined. 

Also, after setting up a 2 hour time slot with Rose, you can pay on this page for your workshop party that you will host with your friends at your house while Rose is facilitating the session online to your group via webcam, or in person. 

We offer the Self-Awareness & Forgiveness Path program on this page as well. 

Your First Session is FREE (1 per household)

Your 10th Session is FREE, to thank you for your fidelity

1 Child Session (new born baby to teenager years)

1 Adult Session 

1 Pet Session 

1 Plant Session

1 Remote House/Outside Property Area Clearing Session

1 Heart-Wall Session

1 Self-Awareness & Forgiveness program

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