List of Symptoms

This is a non-exhaustive list of symptoms that you (or a member of your family) may have and may want to seek help for, and that we can address together in my office or over the phone as sessions can also be performed at a distance by phone or Skype:









List of the Benefits of Emotional Baggage Clearing:

- Being able to open your heart to true happiness, to give and receive unconditional love

- Stop attracting toxic relationships

- Break the hereditary or generational cycle of any type of abuse, aggressivity and violence

- Boost your positive attitude

- Stop blaming others

- Help overcome obstacles put in your way of being successful 

- Eliminate anxiety, depression, anger, phobias, nightmares, etc.

- Get rid of headaches, pains, fears, frustrations, jealousy, etc.

- Stop suicidal behaviors, addictions, etc.

- Prevent symptoms from appearing as their roots are being removed

- Diminish or completely stop physical, mental and emotional discomforts

- Destroy the roots of any current illnesses 

- Stop feeling offended and being defensive, gaining more wisdom in resolving conflicts 

- Improve your emotional hygiene

- Boost your immune system

- Stop self-sabotaging

- Live your life as you are destined to, in joy and peace, no matter the circumstances 

- Being able to freely forgive and to accept forgiveness 

- Boost self-esteem, self-respect and improve self-care

- Allow you to discover your inner talents and your life purposes

- Allow you to shine (be happy), serve others, feel rewarded and fulfilled

The Emotion Code is part of the Body Code System.

Feel free to send me an email at to inquire about other symptoms you may have such as any mental or emotional illnesses, relationship difficulties at home, at work; self-sabotage that prevents you from reaching your goals; finance, work or business hardships, etc.

And how about your PETS ?

I LOVE working with animals and they LOVE this too ! 

They respond very well and even faster than humans. 

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