Emotion Code & Body Code sessions for humans are 45 to 50 minutes long, or 25 minutes for pets, in my office, or over the phone, via webcam or simply via email. 

$50 per session (human)

or $30 (animal)

Couple sessions can also be performed. Both partners will attend the session. It can last up to 80 minutes long and cost $80. Couple sessions accelerate the healing and implementing process from any other form of therapy.

The first session is FREE

The tenth, twentieth... sessions are also FREE

Office appointments charges are due at the end of a session.

Phone, webcam, email sessions are payable before the session starts here below, and within ONE HOUR after you have set up your appointment over the phone with Rose. 

Thank you!

You may have to use a computer in order to be able to pay for your session.

I apologize for the inconvenience when using a smartphone. 

                 Session for a person      $50 



                 Session for a couple       $80 



                 Session for an animal    $30


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